tea for knitters

Teas designed for every aspect of your knitterly world?  You bet!  Below are links to the specific blends.  I’ll add more as I create them!  Enjoy!

Casting On

 Peaches, blueberries and pears blend together with a kiss of raspberry, Sweet and clean, this tea is excellent hot or iced.

There is a moment when, during your cast on, the world from your chair is endless and full of possibility. This is the sweetest, cleverest, most cunning little knit you have ever knit, and we are ignoring how every project in the history of ever started just this way because this knit? This knit is the one you’re doing right now. And this tea? It’s the one that goes with that moment. It’s a cup of sweet, pure cleverness. 


Casting Off

The decaf companion to Casting On, this tea features blueberry, peach and apricot splashed together with a hint of raspberry.

You’ve done it! Your project is officially off the needles, and the extra caffeine you’ve mainlined into your system is making you twitch. Grab a cuppa of this decaf alternative to our Casting On, and sip your way back down to even.


Frogging the Pond

 The perfect calming tea with chamomile, lemon grass and hints of ginger and apple.

We’ve all been there. Your perfect project has reared its head and bitten back. The only hope of salvaging anything is to rip it out in its entirety and start fresh. Have a good cry, my friend (especially if the sweater you just finished doesn’t fit over your head) and have a cuppa. You’ll feel better soon. 


In the Zone

 Blended Earl Gray with creamy vanilla, a touch of lavender and just the barest kiss of cinnamon.

You are over half way through your afghan. You know the stitch pattern by heart now, and you know you’re on a roll. Everything is falling into place and you are in total control of every single stitch. You deserve a no-nonsense cup of class that keeps things real and closes the deal. 


Namaste Knitter

 A perfectly balanced green tea with the right amount of mint to seal the deal.

Your fibers are natural, renewable and cruelty free. You know a dozen soaker patterns by heart and knit for numerous charities. You respect the earth, the self and the fibers you knit with. Hot or iced, this is the tea your knitting karma has accumulated. Namaste. 


An Irish breakfast blend with just a bit of the unexpected. Accented with mandarin and grapefruit.

Knit one, purl two… Knit one, purl two… Simple and timeless, this is the tea to start the day’s knitting with. But as with any project, a simple stitch does not have to mean a boring knit! The same is true of this tea. Let the subtle but surprising touches of fruit win you over to a traditional favorite. 


A peppermint chocolate Chai with a hint of cinnamon. 

The best drink for a winter knit is a steaming mug of hot cocoa… Unless you can get your hands on chocolate and peppermint Chai tea! Add a touch of your favorite cream and let this blend warm you as you knit into those long, cold nights before Christmas. 


The Tacky Christmas Sweater

Vanilla, chocolate and inclusions of candy canes and chocolate chips bring a classic holiday treat to a new level.

Nothing says Christmas Knitting quite like the gaudy, tacky Christmas sweater! Whether you’ve knit snowman bobbles all over the chest or prancing reindeer tangled up in lights around the yoke, this tea blend will be the perfect accent as you cringe through every delightfully awful stitch.

On the Porch

 Mango Tea never tasted so delicate. Blended with sweet, simple peach and a touch of warm vanilla. Decaf.

Curl up in a rocking chair with an iced cup of tea on a hot summer evening and let the crickets serenade you as you knit the night away. 


Learning the Craft

 Cherry, apple and rose combine in a tangy tea. Hints of orange and rose hips.

Learning to knit is a simple task, but it’s by no means an easy one. This quirky tea will keep you on your toes while your hands do the magic muscle memory trick of showing you that they are smarter than your brain. 


I Knit Strange Things

Zing! An exotic blend of fruits, lemongrass and a hint of peppermint and rose. Unique, full bodied and strong.

Blankets? No thanks. Baby hats? Been there. If the idea of knitting a dissected frog or a Cthulhu ski mask makes you a bit hot under the collar, or if the thought of knitting a dishcloth makes you want to shove sock needles into your eyes, then this is the tea for you. 



Sweet sprinkles of wild color tie this tea together with coconut, vanilla and touches of chocolate.

Kawaii! Your dream look makes you a double for an anime character! You love to knit (or crochet!) Amigurumi creatures by the dozens, and you need a tea with as much cute packed into each cup as possible! So, brew up a cup of this sweet blend in your limited edition Goma Chan mug and let the cuteness be born!


Baby’s First Knit

Bright, delicate apricot is balanced with tropical mango and just a kiss of rhubarb for an entirely new fruit taste. Hints of cherry and blueberry push this favorite over the top.

Sooner or later, every knitter ends up with a baby project on their needles. Balance out the adorable factor of just how tiny those socks are (or how bitty that hat is, or how precious that stuffed giraffe is…) and let the unique balance of fruits blended together take you to a new level of tiny stitches.


Bun in the Oven

Caffeine free for the mom-to-be, this soft blend of lemongrass, chamomile and ginger will help soothe you and offer relief from morning sickness.

Click. Click. Click. Relish the silence as you knit for your little treasure, mom… It won’t stay this quiet for much longer! You’re on your way to a new baby, and whether it’s your first or your fifth, there are few joys as sweet as resting your baby’s knitting project on your beautiful baby bump. Growing a new life is hard work, Mama! Have a cuppa on us.



Some of the blends are in relationships with others, and when you buy one you can get 20% off of it’s match.  Looking for coupons?  I post coups for $5 off the teas to my FacebookGoogle + and Twitter pages every so often.  Follow along and have a cuppa on me. 



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