“Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.”

~Elizabeth Zimmerman 1910-1999

Knitherpay has one goal- to spread the unbelievable power of knitting as a coping skill for those with mental illness to as many people as possible.  Those coping with mental illness on a daily bases can learn to use knitting and other fiber crafts to ease depression, rage and even suicidal and self-harming tenancies.

Tonks has been advocating for the use of knitting as a means of coping with mental illness for several years, and publishes articles to help instruct those in need.  You can find the articles in a variety of places, including online publications and print magazines.  You may also find help and support at the Knitherapy Ravelry Group.  

This page will stand to serve as an information hub regarding all of these efforts.  Please be patient as we get things back underway.


Thank you, 

Tonks, The Unhinged Knitter

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