A Treehouse in Paradise

Everyone loves a treehouse!  I’m a big fan of this post from Buzzfeed about 17 Treehouses for Adults.  There are some truly beautiful options there, and maybe one day, we will be able to add our own photos to that list.  That’s the goal, anyway. Photo from Reddit. We have a spacious back yard, and the goal is to build a lofted structure, accessed via a circular staircase.  It should have at least one main wall, a thatched roof and a luxurious bed suspended from above.  The {Read More}


No matter how much we accomplish or how well we adjust, the reality is that this space and the work it needs requires more than just our two hands from time to time.  Sure, we’re “doing it all ourselves”, but that doesn’t mean we’re idiots.  The yard, for instance- let’s talk about the yard. No matter how savvy we are or how much we are capable of learning, there is NO WAY you are getting me to climb up a {Read More}

Coming Soon

Testing, Testing!  This blog is under construction!  Please be patient as Tonks sets up everything just so, and soon there will be epic photos of all of her home repairs, mistakes and wacky antics.

The Blackberry, my 2011 Honda Fit and it’s conversion into a giant cat carrier.

So how exactly does one move four cats in one car? Well, if our theory is correct, the first thing you do is ship everything you’re taking accept one single suitcase of travel needs. Then you get a bit crazy. Here’s what we did: Supply List a box of 50 puppy pads a roll of Gorilla Tape a large blue tarp a set of bungee cords a huge litter box (huge cement mixing tray from Lowes) an adjustable shower rod {Read More}

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