Leader of the Pack, rolling your clothing

Leader of the pack rolled clothing header

Our first tutorial in the Leader of the Pack series is about rolling and folding your clothing.  More often than not, people simply fold their clothes as they normally would, and stick them piled up into their suitcase like a plate of flapjacks.  While this method of packing does take up less space than simply stuffing your loose laundry haphazardly into your bag, there is still a FAR more efficient ways to pack your clothes, and it will leave you {Read More}

Lennie and George

When I bought my Honda Fit in September of last year, the first customized item I put into him was a little suction cup compass. Unfortunately, the compass was exposed to magnets and from day one (unnoticed by us until after the purchase) it has given a heading of south by south-east no matter what direction we might have been going. Jay went to throw it out and get another compass, but I had grown fond of the broken compass, {Read More}

Day 2, in which the kittens threaten mutiny

We had breakfast and a bit of French Quarter wandering thanks to a late checkout, and everyone appreciated the slow pace of the morning. Marlowe and Jay entertained the locals with their pirate-esque impressions, and the bird made new friends on Decatur Street. Jay and Marlowe make their best pirate faces. Cafe du Monde and Marlowe, the perfect match. We loaded up the car around noon and pushed out, leaving Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama in our wake. Once we were {Read More}

Trinity’s Antics

It takes some effort to get everyone back into the car each morning, and even with a late hotel Check out option, we have to get started very early. Trinity sleeps in the bed with us every night, but she sneaks away just before we wake and hides out. She will not come out of her hidey hole for treats, wet food, kisses- nada. It is a process to find her each morning, and always involves rearranging the hotel room. Where {Read More}

Houston, we missed our date!

After a long day, we hit the road and have stopped just west of Houston. We had hoped to make it further, but everyone was just so very tired! We had dinner with our friend Tom, whom we shall miss dearly, and headed east. The cats have taken the first few hours of travel very well, but Marlowe did not appreciate being in his travel cage. During daylight hours, he can ride on one of our shoulders (whomever is not {Read More}

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