Come and visit us and rent a room in paradise!

As you know, one of the many reasons we are working so hard to flip this property from top to toes is to rent out the space and offer a truly unique vacation experience to all guests who visit us on the island.  We’ve officially launched through Air BnB, and you can now rent the space for a week at a time!  Check out our listing here! We’re offering the guest room out at a very reduced rate because, well… {Read More}

Tasty Teas and Kitties

The tea sales are in full swing, and I’m loving the subtle combinations of interesting flavors.  At the moment, I’m rather obsessed with Knit One, Purl Two- the Irish Breakfast blend.  Nomz, to say the very least. Socks are swinging on my needles, and as the most recent pair are a traditional argyle, the bouncing yarn bobbins have all six cats dancing at my feet.  This may prove problematic.  You see, my cats (McLovin and Trinity) have been well trained {Read More}

Tea Time- A line of teas just for knitters!

Huzzah!  The big day has come, and the line of tea blends for knitters is finally here!  I’m kicking off the launch with coupons on the Facebook, Google + and Twitter pages, so be sure to hit up your favorite social media platform in the handy side bar and grab your coupon. Let’s celebrate by dusting off our finery, polishing up the silver and having a fancy tea party!  Bring your knitting along, and have a cup of your favorite blend. Debbie Birkin {Read More}

Recipe: Baked Brie with Pear


With the installation of the oven and stove top  this evening has been a day of baking and tea.  The setup of the oven was time consuming, but our parrot had a blast hanging out on the deck all day.  I’m not so sure that the neighbors enjoyed it as much as he did, though!  But, with no angry fists pounding down our door, I assume that the peace with our neighbors has been maintained. To kick off the celebration of finally being {Read More}

Social Networking and Tea

Productivity crawled to a dead stop this week when I fell ill with a bronchial infection. Sadly, it also developed into a sinus infection as well, and it has put me in bed, sans cupcakes, and spoiled all of the fun. Well, almost all of the fun. You see, when I’m sick, I just can’t sit still. Nothing irritates me more when sick than being stuck in bed, bored and awake, when there’s a whole plethora of tasks I could {Read More}

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