Leader of the Pack, packing tips for vacations

Leader of the Pack

Leader of the Pack, our newest series of blog posts, is designed to teach people how to properly pack for any trip.  I’ve read countless articles and blog posts about how to fit everything you need into one suitcase, and I’m always left disappointed.  More often than not, these people are admitting to having to do laundry while on vacation (Boo!) or are misleading the whole idea of “one suitcase” when they put all toiletries into another carry bag.   {Read More}

The Great Garage Gutting of 2013

You stick your little toothpick snacks into his back.  It's kitschy Florida at its best!

We made massive progress this week, and we’ve furthered our goals of conquering this house by gutting out the garage.  This was no small task, and I can’t believe how much progress we made in a single day!  Let’s get started shall we?   Sadly, the gutting began while I was running errands, so I don’t have a proper before photo to show you, but here’s what I came home to! Wow.  That’s a lot of stuff!  It took us {Read More}

Living room chair (and a half)

We have been working hard on design concepts for the living room, and we are beginning to make actual headway! This space will be more hands on than any yet, and we are a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work going into this room. I will have concept sketches up soon, but for now, lets just enjoy the newest piece, shall we? There are currently three seating options coming into the space to replace the awful couch presently there. {Read More}

The Banquet of Mockery gets a new home

The space that formerly held Jay’s studio, and will become my craft room is in flux.  Right now, it is basically a glorified through space, with random assortments and piles of things stacked here and there, and one of the things we’d needed to uncover and go through was the large wood banquet that his grandparents left his mother. It is the width of a king size bed. We found paper work and mail dating back to the mid 90’s {Read More}

Conquering the Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are filled brimming with god only knows what, and this week we began ripping them out and sorting through the wreckage.  We found treasures and trash!  Here’s some of the highlights so far: Jay’s Grandmother’s China was found stuffed into a free standing cabinet off of the south end of the kitchen. China above, who knows what below. There were a few unmatched oddities in there, but for the most part, that’s all a matching set of china.  It’s {Read More}

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