A Treehouse in Paradise

Everyone loves a treehouse!  I’m a big fan of this post from Buzzfeed about 17 Treehouses for Adults.  There are some truly beautiful options there, and maybe one day, we will be able to add our own photos to that list.  That’s the goal, anyway. Photo from Reddit. We have a spacious back yard, and the goal is to build a lofted structure, accessed via a circular staircase.  It should have at least one main wall, a thatched roof and a luxurious bed suspended from above.  The {Read More}

How to clear out a blocked water main (with photos, dumb luck and exaggerated hopes)

Nobody wants a blocked water main.  Every now and again, homeowners will suffer from plumbing issues.  We all hope that the issues are simple and small, such as a clogged sink or a stopped-up toilet, but sometimes, it’s just a bit more complex with that.  It doesn’t mean that you have to run to the nearest plumber and beg for help.  Most household drainage issues can be tackled by the brave at heart.   Today was supposed to be a {Read More}

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