The front yard

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Our front yard has been an uphill battle from the moment we arrived here.  The grass is patchy and we’re pretty sure there are more weeds and grass seeds than actual grass.  The type of grass is unknown, but it’s also unlike anyone else has on the block.  We’ve said forever that we want to rip it all up and start over, but unless we napalmed the yard, nothing would ever make it stop.  We’ve struggled to find some kind {Read More}

The battle of the yard.

We are always working on something here, but because there are so many things happening all at once, we often neglect certain areas.  One of our biggest neglects is yard work.  We have a pair of hedge clippers and a gas powered mower, but the mower is in need of repair.  We simply hadn’t gotten around to it yet. The yard itself is medium to large, and since we both prefer a more… erm… natural look to the greenery, fixing {Read More}

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