Upcycled drawers make fabulous decor!

Source:  thegardeningcook.com

When we began gutting this house out, I made a point to salvage all of the wooden drawers.  I don’t have a full accounting of them at hand, but I believe it’s safe to say that I have at least 12 drawers in various sizes and shapes.  They have come from huge dressers, nightstands and desks, and most are well made, solid wood.  My goal is to sand them all down and turn them into a variety of projects.  Here’s {Read More}

Looking for a floor vase?

As we continue to revamp this property, we keep coming across oddities to sell.  Craigslist has been good to us, and here’s another one going up for grabs!   This is a huge floor vase!  It was purchased by a very young Jay at a local auction.  He and his mother kept it here at the house for many years, but it’s time it moved on down the line.  Here’s some info about it… Craigslist Linky! Huge floor vase stands {Read More}

Bathrooms get an update

  We have family visiting this week, and the bathrooms needed some love.  Let’s begin with the Master Bath, shall we? Rug of Awesome!! Both bathrooms are fairly small, so the freshen up challenge was mostly about decor and linens.  Target has these adorable guys in a whole collection on clearance. Small, but adorable!  I had thought that perhaps the shower curtain would be too bold for the space, but it’s working very nicely!  The best part, though, is the {Read More}

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