A new skirt, a long week and a hopeful smile.

Marvin could care less about the boats.  He's more interested in the shiny dragonfly print on my shirt.

Holy hell, it’s been a madhouse around here!  let’s kick it off at the top, shall we?  We had guests stay with us for about a week and a half.  They went back up north on Friday night, and we miss them terribly!  I don’t get to see my loved ones very often, being so far south here in Florida, but when I get a chance to spend time with the people I love most, I’m not very interested in {Read More}

Upcycled drawers make fabulous decor!

Source:  thegardeningcook.com

When we began gutting this house out, I made a point to salvage all of the wooden drawers.  I don’t have a full accounting of them at hand, but I believe it’s safe to say that I have at least 12 drawers in various sizes and shapes.  They have come from huge dressers, nightstands and desks, and most are well made, solid wood.  My goal is to sand them all down and turn them into a variety of projects.  Here’s {Read More}

Paintings and Break Times

As Jay continues to work on his images in the hopes of flushing out a new body of work, the siege on this house as slowed to a crawl.  That’s okee though-  not every minute of every day can be about fixing, baking, cupcakes, power tools and remodeling furniture. In our break from the home, we are both turning our focuses to creative efforts.  Jay is editing images and being inspired, and I am painting again.  I had only done {Read More}

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