Princess Peaches Drama Llama

princess llama

The llama photo in the background of this image is from a print we purchased from Beat Up Creations on Etsy. The shop is a total win. Check out their other awesome stuff!

It started out as a headdress project for an upcoming shoot with photographer Seishiro Jay Tomioka.  I needed the skull of a fiber bearing animal, and found a great naturally cleaned llama skull for sale on Etsy.   Because of the communal nature of Etsy, I was able to get a back story on this particular skull.   

Her name was Peaches, and she was an elderly llama that lived a full and happy life on a farm on the west coast.  I decided Peaches was perfect for my project, so she took a trip all the way to the east coast of Florida to spend her afterlife with me.  


Princess Peaches Gallery


And what a fabulous afterlife she gets!  Just as in life, Peaches is well loved and cared for.  What started out as a singular art project has snowballed into something much more.  Princess Peaches, Drama Llama will continue to be a part of a headdress, but she’s also making quite a fashion splash!  In her first month here with us, she’s acquired four tiaras, several miniature hats and a sassy new lease on the afterlife.    Follow Peaches on her Facebook page.  Llama Photo print purchased here.

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