Guest Blogging FAQ

Simply put, guest blogging is posting content to an established blog as a guest author. In our case, it means sharing your recipes and tutorials with the rest of us. Content specifications are outlined in the FAQ, but the gist of it is fairly simple. You have a delicious recipe or a clever crafty trick to share, you may share it here as a guest blogger. If your content is good, it will bring more traffic to your specific posts. The Author Bio included at the end of each guest post will house your specific content, thereby generating more traffic for you! It's a win win, and we think it's just keen beans.
You may submit posts the following: Recipes (cooking, baking, safe household cleaners, bath products- whatever!) DIY home tutorials (furniture hacks, DIY decor, gardening tips, you name it.) DIY art or craft tutorials (knitting tricks, crochet ideas, wire jewelry wrapping, origami- anything you please!) Reviews for relevant content. This may include craft supplies, new yarns from your favorite companies, etc. Posts relevant to the weekly theme. You may not post about: Your personal life unless it is relevant to your topic posts above. Tutorials of any kind that discriminate against any group of people. Let's keep it classy.
From the main site menu, click on "Guest Blogging". If you already have an account, you may sign in here. To create an account, just fill out the automated form provided! Be sure to pick a username (the first form) that you like, as it can not be changed. Once you've submit your completed form, an administrator will send you an email with your new login information and a temporary password. You may change your password at any time by accessing your profile from the dashboard once you are signed in.
Weaving Roses, Corsets, Carpentry and Cupcakes and The Unhinged Knitter do not pay guest bloggers. You do it for the glory, baby.
As a guest blogger, you have access to your personal profile, the posting area and the view of the site itself. You may create your own post content. You may edit your own posts, and you may delete them outright if you so choose.
Access your profile from the dashboard on the right, or by hovering over your user information in the top left corner. All of your profile information is here. Please update every area you wish to share, especially what name you wish to have shown on the posts (you may also simply use the username you've chosen) and your personal website information. You should also update and link to any social media platforms you wish to add.
Currently, the only way for us to have individual user photos is by linking up to a Gravatar account. This process is fairly simple, and it's free. Though Weaving Roses is self hosted via, you must create a account to establish a Gravatar. Go to to create a gravatar image.
Under your profile settings, you may update a number of personal options, including links to your own website and personal social media. There is also a Bio box. Fill in anything you please as a blurb about yourself. This content will be hosted at the bottom of all of your guest posts!
Recipe cards are formatted sections of posts specific to recipes. To add a recipe card to your post, click on the icon near the right end of the top row that looks like a ball of yarn with needles in the top. Or maybe it's supposed to be a tangle of spaghetti. Whatever cuteness the icon actually is, when you hover over it, it will say "Recipe Card-Insert Recipe". When you're ready for the card to be in your post, make sure your cursor is where you want the recipe card to go and click that button. A fill form will come up, asking you to fill out all kinds of information regarding your recipe. Be as thorough as you can. You may also attach a photo to your recipe card. Click Save down at the bottom of your recipe card form before closing it, and move along with finishing your post.
All guest blog posts are approved by an admin before going live. The admins will check your post for content and provide basic copy editing when required. Your post will be approved as quickly as possible!
Absolutely! As all posts from Guest Bloggers must be approved by an administrator before going live, we do everything we can to help you create the best content possible. Sometimes this means minor copy and content editing. Sometimes we may ask you for different photos of your work. Sometimes it means we do basic edits to content photos ourselves. But no matter what editing the administrators may do, we will not drastically change the core theme, voice or content of your posts and media. Your work is yours to share with us, and we claim no rights to it. We're just sharing your awesome ideas with the world.
You don't have to interact with anything else outside of the post title and content. If you feel savvy and wish to tackle some of the SEO settings at the bottom, feel free. Admins must approve all posts before they go live, and this includes handling all of the pesky blog settings for you. Don't worry about what sidebar you need (none) or what SEO settings are best. (If you don't know, just leave it blank.) We'll take care of everything else- you just write the best damn tutorial you can write!
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