the arsenal

No Cupcake Warrior would be complete without a fully stocked and loaded arsenal.  Ours is growing slowly as we learn.  Here’s what we have thus far, why we love it or hate it, and where you can find one if you want it, too.

Yes, corded.  Always, always corded.  Many swear by the convenience of having cordless drills, but I have always found that if you want the job done right the first time, then plug that shit into the wall already.  No wasting time on changing batteries or wondering where the damn charger went.  No need for spare battery packs.  Every cordless drill I’ve ever owned died on me during projects, unless I was just tightening a few loose screws.  Save yourself the hassle and get a corded drill.

Many have recommended having two drills- one to hold the drill bit and the other to hold whatever bit you need to screw in the screws.  I think this is a brilliant use of time, because slowing down to constantly change drill bits is tedious.  Or, you could just have the one drill and use the dremel tool as your second piece.

I love this thing.  We have not had it long, so it’s only been used a handful of times, but I know without a doubt this will be at the forefront of most every challenge we Cupcake Warriors take on.  Plus it’s wicked handy for opening coconuts.  Which, truth be told, is about all we’ve used it for thus far.  We believe it’s already paid for itself.  <3


This is my favorite paint.  I love the colors, the consistency of application and the fact that the primer is mixed in.  I’ve been using these paints for years, but this is my first time using them for painting furniture.  So far, so good. 

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