Llama skulls and the big photo shoots in the near future

Day one of her new (after)life.

  Things have been moving forward around here!  First, a dear friend and guest in our house of three wonderful months has packed up and gone back home.  It has been a pleasure to have her here, and we were very sad to see her go.  Hopefully she will be back to visit us again soon, but until then, the guest room is… well?  I’d like to say that it’s available for rent, but this is the height of the {Read More}

Congratulations, Rusmilen!

Many congratulations go out to Rusmilen, the winner of our Random Knitting New Year’s contest!  Be on the lookout for your package soon!  It’s going to have some fun stuff crammed into it.   Kisses! Pea Kay/Tonks

Forty miles and counting


It started simply enough.  I wake up at the same early time every day to take my temperature for ovulation charting, and I look at the sky.  It’s a lovely view. It was this morning, looking at the pink in the sky and hoping my iPhone camera would capture it, that I realized the view would be even more beautiful if I’d gotten out of bed to actually see it instead of lying about and playing with my phone.  The {Read More}

Marvin learns a new word

Marvin, our Blue Throated Macaw, says hello.

Marvin is one of our two parrots.  He’s our Blue Throated Macaw, and while he can be a real handful, he’s one of the sweetest parrots we’ve ever had the privilege of owning.  He’s bright, very mechanical and loves, loves, loves to swing around and upside down on your hand.  He’s also quite fond of cuddling up into my arms on his back, like a baby.   Both of our parrots are still young at year and a half old, {Read More}

Contest: Happy New Year!

New Year's Grab Bag Header

Let’s kick this  year off with a bang, shall we?  How about contest to ring in the New Year?  It’s a surprise, but there’s no need to hush up about it!  Just leave a comment below telling us what your New Year’s Resolution is, and we’ll randomly pick a winner!    What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Do you make them?  How often do you keep them?  If we are being honest with ourselves, Jay and I are absolutely terrible {Read More}

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