Termite tenting and the living room floor reveal

Living room floors!

It’s been a total madhouse around here, but the termite tenting process is finally complete.  We’re back in the home and termite free.  The cats (yeah… all six of them) came with us to a local pet-friendly hotel, while the parrots went to be boarded at our favorite bird shop.  It’s like summer camp for them there.  They got to have fresh fruits and veggies every day, play with new (also friendly) parrots, have time out of cages and out {Read More}

Looking for a floor vase?

As we continue to revamp this property, we keep coming across oddities to sell.  Craigslist has been good to us, and here’s another one going up for grabs!   This is a huge floor vase!  It was purchased by a very young Jay at a local auction.  He and his mother kept it here at the house for many years, but it’s time it moved on down the line.  Here’s some info about it… Craigslist Linky! Huge floor vase stands {Read More}

Living room chair (and a half)

We have been working hard on design concepts for the living room, and we are beginning to make actual headway! This space will be more hands on than any yet, and we are a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work going into this room. I will have concept sketches up soon, but for now, lets just enjoy the newest piece, shall we? There are currently three seating options coming into the space to replace the awful couch presently there. {Read More}

Living room fabrics for ottoman diy’s!

We’ve decided to go with the Worn Turquoise pallette.  Now begins the lovely task of fabrics!  I’ve got two chairs ready to go, but first?  I’m going to cut my teeth on something a bit less complex. I’ve ordered a yard of the newspaper print and the turquoise jacquard prints to convert small square tables into ottomans.  I think it’s a good start to kick the living room off before moving forward with more fabrics!  I see soft white paint over {Read More}

Living Room Color Swatches

I’m a big fan of Design Seeds Dot Com, a truly wonderful resource for inspirational colors.  I’ve pulled four out of my Pintrest Color Board for us to pick from.  We simply can’t decide which direction to go in.  I’m all for other options, too, but these for are my favorite for the Living Room.  Feel free to suggest any other color sets you like.   The living room, like the rest of the house, is floor to top wood.  The {Read More}

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