Termite tenting and the living room floor reveal

Living room floors!

It’s been a total madhouse around here, but the termite tenting process is finally complete.  We’re back in the home and termite free.  The cats (yeah… all six of them) came with us to a local pet-friendly hotel, while the parrots went to be boarded at our favorite bird shop.  It’s like summer camp for them there.  They got to have fresh fruits and veggies every day, play with new (also friendly) parrots, have time out of cages and out {Read More}

Under the kitchen sink with Scubb

The past week has been about other work, and while I understand that this house will take time, I always end up feeling guilty for doing other things.  “I can’t go to the grocery store!  I need to be remodeling the Laundry Room!”  “OMG.  This bank like is taking forever!  Why can’t I have an ATM attachment for my flash drive??”  “Doctor’s appointment?  Yeah, okee, I have an ear infection.  Can’t this shit wait?  I’m finishing a dresser!” Oh, Miss {Read More}

Egg Beaters? Curb Stomped.

This morning started like any other- Marlowe the Quaker parrot sang us the song of his people well before the alarm clock actually went off, and the daily stumble for caffeine began.  We are currently without a coffee pot, so each morning we boil water in the kettle and make a cuppa, and then pour the remaining water over a coffee filter nestled into a ceramic pitcher.  It’s a slow process that produces crap for coffee, but it’s coffee.  I really need {Read More}

Conquering the Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are filled brimming with god only knows what, and this week we began ripping them out and sorting through the wreckage.  We found treasures and trash!  Here’s some of the highlights so far: Jay’s Grandmother’s China was found stuffed into a free standing cabinet off of the south end of the kitchen. China above, who knows what below. There were a few unmatched oddities in there, but for the most part, that’s all a matching set of china.  It’s {Read More}

Recipe: Baked Brie with Pear


With the installation of the oven and stove top  this evening has been a day of baking and tea.  The setup of the oven was time consuming, but our parrot had a blast hanging out on the deck all day.  I’m not so sure that the neighbors enjoyed it as much as he did, though!  But, with no angry fists pounding down our door, I assume that the peace with our neighbors has been maintained. To kick off the celebration of finally being {Read More}

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