Upcycled drawers make fabulous decor!

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When we began gutting this house out, I made a point to salvage all of the wooden drawers.  I don’t have a full accounting of them at hand, but I believe it’s safe to say that I have at least 12 drawers in various sizes and shapes.  They have come from huge dressers, nightstands and desks, and most are well made, solid wood.  My goal is to sand them all down and turn them into a variety of projects.  Here’s {Read More}

A Treehouse in Paradise

Everyone loves a treehouse!  I’m a big fan of this post from Buzzfeed about 17 Treehouses for Adults.  There are some truly beautiful options there, and maybe one day, we will be able to add our own photos to that list.  That’s the goal, anyway. Photo from Reddit. We have a spacious back yard, and the goal is to build a lofted structure, accessed via a circular staircase.  It should have at least one main wall, a thatched roof and a luxurious bed suspended from above.  The {Read More}

Living room fabrics for ottoman diy’s!

We’ve decided to go with the Worn Turquoise pallette.  Now begins the lovely task of fabrics!  I’ve got two chairs ready to go, but first?  I’m going to cut my teeth on something a bit less complex. I’ve ordered a yard of the newspaper print and the turquoise jacquard prints to convert small square tables into ottomans.  I think it’s a good start to kick the living room off before moving forward with more fabrics!  I see soft white paint over {Read More}

The Banquet of Mockery gets a new home

The space that formerly held Jay’s studio, and will become my craft room is in flux.  Right now, it is basically a glorified through space, with random assortments and piles of things stacked here and there, and one of the things we’d needed to uncover and go through was the large wood banquet that his grandparents left his mother. It is the width of a king size bed. We found paper work and mail dating back to the mid 90’s {Read More}

A brainstorming session

A few days ago, I moaned about the Master Bedroom closet not being as large as we need it to be and a large banquet piece sitting and mocking me with it’s banquetness.  The challenges in the Master Bedroom continue to be sorted out, and several failed attempts at proper shoe storage space have been dreamed up and pitched.  My favorite is still one in which two old drawers were converted with a piano hinge into a makeshift wooden steam {Read More}

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