The week’s plans, revisited.

This week was all about the living room.  Namely, the removal of that nasty carpeting!  We began in the back hall near the guest room and ripped our little hearts out.  The good news is that the carpet came up easily enough.  The bad news is that the tack strips are hammered down into all of that glorious wood every two inches, and with huge nails.  HUGE nails.  It’s insane, and pulling them up has been a beast of a {Read More}

A Treehouse in Paradise

Everyone loves a treehouse!  I’m a big fan of this post from Buzzfeed about 17 Treehouses for Adults.  There are some truly beautiful options there, and maybe one day, we will be able to add our own photos to that list.  That’s the goal, anyway. Photo from Reddit. We have a spacious back yard, and the goal is to build a lofted structure, accessed via a circular staircase.  It should have at least one main wall, a thatched roof and a luxurious bed suspended from above.  The {Read More}

Come and visit us and rent a room in paradise!

As you know, one of the many reasons we are working so hard to flip this property from top to toes is to rent out the space and offer a truly unique vacation experience to all guests who visit us on the island.  We’ve officially launched through Air BnB, and you can now rent the space for a week at a time!  Check out our listing here! We’re offering the guest room out at a very reduced rate because, well… {Read More}

Social Networking and Tea

Productivity crawled to a dead stop this week when I fell ill with a bronchial infection. Sadly, it also developed into a sinus infection as well, and it has put me in bed, sans cupcakes, and spoiled all of the fun. Well, almost all of the fun. You see, when I’m sick, I just can’t sit still. Nothing irritates me more when sick than being stuck in bed, bored and awake, when there’s a whole plethora of tasks I could {Read More}

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