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Our front yard has been an uphill battle from the moment we arrived here.  The grass is patchy and we’re pretty sure there are more weeds and grass seeds than actual grass.  The type of grass is unknown, but it’s also unlike anyone else has on the block.  We’ve said forever that we want to rip it all up and start over, but unless we napalmed the yard, nothing would ever make it stop.  We’ve struggled to find some kind of peace with it, but so far, we’ve failed.

The town we live in mandates that a minimum of 60% of the front yard be ground cover.  The good news is that this includes things like mulch chips and pea gravel.  Since we have to redo the spare driveway anyhow, we simply ordered a few extra yards of white pea gravel to do some landscaping on our own.

front yard sketch


Tomorrow the hard work begins, and we will be drawing out landings and pathways on the property.  5 yards of pea stone will be delivered on Wednesday, so we really need to do as much as possible tomorrow!  It should be a fairly simple process, and the city’s department of public works is available to help us with labor if needed.  The most labor intensive aspect will be digging the trenches for our borders!

For those of you who follow along regularly, you know how much we love to upcycle.  With this in mind, I called a local dive bar on the island and made arrangements to begin picking up spent glass bottles as needed.  We’ll bring them home, wash them out, remove labels and convert them into lovely borders along all of our new pea gravel areas!  By tipping them upside down and burring the necks in the ground, we can create interesting, multi-leveled borders to prevent the stone from traveling around the yard.



Another way to reuse these free bottles is to build architectural points of interest in our newly designed landscaping nodes:

Source:  Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

I LOVE THAT BOTTLE TREE.  All it will take is for some sort of metal base (I’m leaning towards steel rebar, but a trip to Home Depot will answer this question for sure)  to be shoved into the ground, and bingo.  Gorgeousness.  Another idea is to line parts of the pathways with bottles stuffed with white Christmas icicle lights.  Blue and clear bottles would be my first choice, so I guess it will all be decided by what kind of bottles we pick up tonight!

Once the pathways are lined with landscaping turf and the bottles are in, we’ll begin moving the pea gravel over.  We hope this does not take more than two weeks, and with family coming down in mid April, it would be lovely to share this project with them.

But what about the horrid grass?  Well, we’ve got some ideas, but for right now, we’ll be happy just to cover some of it with this project.  We’re off to a big start.

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