Llama skulls and the big photo shoots in the near future

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Things have been moving forward around here!  First, a dear friend and guest in our house of three wonderful months has packed up and gone back home.  It has been a pleasure to have her here, and we were very sad to see her go.  Hopefully she will be back to visit us again soon, but until then, the guest room is… well?  I’d like to say that it’s available for rent, but this is the height of the season and we may have a new guest in tomorrow!  After that, she’s booked solid through April, and only has a handful of open weekends until the end of July.  What can I say?  The island life is freaking awesome.

We are taking a day off to breathe after a hard weekend of goodbyes, but the rest of the week is  packed with planning.  Jay’s big conference in the Mid Atlantic is fast approaching, and we are still hammering out details for travel and photo shoots.  Much of my spare time involves designing and building costumes for him, and it’s a challenge I’m taking on with gusto.  I’m here to tell you about one of them!

I was asked to design and build a headdress for a head hunter style female character.  I was given basic guidelines and the instruction to just run with it, and I’ve not slowed down yet.  We decided to play to my strengths, and keep the concept in the knitting family, which is how I ended up designing a giant knit headdress using the bones of fiber bearing animals.  Thus far, we have a sheep’s spine, a long horse tail, several rabbit’s feet, a set of four tanned sheep legs with the hooves intact and one glorious llama skull.

Day one of her new (after)life.

Day one of her new (after)life.

All of the pieces I am using are cruelty free.  Because I found the skull on Etsy, I was able to connect with the seller and learn even more about the back story of the animal.  Her name was Peaches, and she was an elderly llama who passed away after a long and happy life.  It makes me very happy to know that the pieces I am using come from natural deaths!  Anyway, Peaches is getting a whole new lease on her afterlife.  As the focal point of my headdress, what started out as a simple design has taken on a whole new dimension.  She now has her own hats, so the character of the headdress can be anything Jay needs it to be.  I’ve started a page for Princess Peaches, Drama Llama right here on the site, and will continue to add photos as her progress into the final headdress continues.  (I’m still working on the best base for her… the first base was not exactly what I needed it to be.  Photos are up on her page.)

Jay is hard at work on his book, and creating concept sketches for the upcoming shoots.  Everything is up in the air now, but at least we are all being creative!  And how many knitters get to play with llama skulls?  Yeah… I think that’s pretty awesome.  :)

Happy Knitting!

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