Contest: Happy New Year!

Let’s kick this  year off with a bang, shall we?  How about contest to ring in the New Year?  It’s a surprise, but there’s no need to hush up about it!  Just leave a comment below telling us what your New Year’s Resolution is, and we’ll randomly pick a winner!  

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 What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Do you make them?  How often do you keep them?  If we are being honest with ourselves, Jay and I are absolutely terrible at keeping New Year’s resolutions, and rarely bother making them.  That doesn’t mean that we don’t want to hear what yours might be!  And this year, maybe we will get lucky and be able to keep our own hopes high for conceiving our first baby.  Anyhoo- let’s get back to the contest stuff!

The winner will receive a surprise box from us, containing knitting related things.  At least some of it will be yarn.  We’re likely to throw in other random things, too.  Maybe a rubber chicken or an old sculpture.  Because we’re strange like that.  But yeah.  Knitting stuffs.  :)

So don’t be shy!  Share this one around on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr- whatever your preferred social media blasting site is.  Tell us in the comments below what your resolution is and we’ll pick a winner on Saturday, January 11th.  Let the hilarity begin!!


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  1. I stopped making resolutions years ago because I thought it always set me up for failure. Goals are great. Keep them simple and follow through. Hey.

  2. My resolution is to be kinder to myself. That includes exercise, better food, time for fun (crocheting, herbs, Tarot and books). It also includes having faith in myself and the things I do and make.
    Katherine Nobles recently posted…Catching up.My Profile

    • Thanks for the wisdom, Katherine. Good luck with your efforts. You should believe in yourself always, and know that even master knitters have train wreck sweaters in their closets. Have faith in your art and in your craft.
      Pea Kay recently posted…Contest: Happy New Year!My Profile

  3. I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I do New Year’s love letters. :)

    I have a place where, each year, I write a love letter to myself, and every new year, after writing another one, I read the one from the year before.
    Dana recently posted…Glitterin’ up the jointMy Profile

  4. This year it isn’t so much a resolution as a plan. I have an outline for the next 3 months that will make a drastic difference in my health and energy. Also, more vacations! That one might be a resolution.

    My favorite New Year’s resolution ever was “Love myself more.” That year I took really great care of myself and others.

    • Wonderful! Would you like to share some of your plan with us?
      Pea Kay recently posted…Contest: Happy New Year!My Profile

      • Oh, sure. For my specific dietary issues it involves cutting out the triggers entirely for 3 months—no cheating, so I can give my body a proper respite. I’m making a meal plan that’s bursting with vegetables and well-balanced as far as healthy proteins and easily-digestible carbs go, and setting a timer 3x/day to take my necessary supplements etc. And my doctor just told me yesterday to drink half my weight in ounces of water each day, which will be a big change. (Tea doesn’t count?!)

        I’m already working on exercising more (dancing, walking the dog, biking or kayaking in fine weather, maybe going back to the gym) and getting more sleep, so keeping on that track. The goal is vitality.

  5. I have more of a 2014 To Do List than resolutions.

    Change – good or bad – is scary to me. There are a lot of changes that will be happening in 2014, some I have control over, and some I don’t. This is going to be an interesting year, but even without that added in, I think the list would still look a lot like this.

    And so…
    ~Here is to trying to learn to not let changes I’m not in control of make me worry myself sick.
    ~Here is to trying to take one day/step at a time instead of looking at the big picture, getting overwhelmed, saying f-it and not even trying.
    ~Here is to trying to learn to “let go & move on” – be it people, grudges, dreams, whatever. It’s time to make some new friends and a new life.
    ~Here is to rediscovering my long lost “muchness” – because the shell I’ve allowed myself become because of my illnesses/misery is not who I really am or want to be.
    Not a complete list of course…

    The hubby and I are also going to start one of those memory jars and tentatively planning for a vow renewal/anniversary gathering in 2015.

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