It’s been a madhouse!

What a whirlwind of a month!  Let’s just get down to it, eh?

We are still trying for baby.  No luck yet, but I’m in the midst of a two week wait right now.  Yay!

Jay’s job with the watch company went belly up.  They hired him to do a specific job.  He did that job, and was further asked to redesign how photography was done.  He did.  They didn’t like it and set him up to fail on his last day.  How dare they!  Basically, they demanded he do shoots he’d already done.  He did them.  The boss said none of the shots were usable and fired him.  He left.  Less than a week later, the boss is demanding all of those photos he had taken, saying that SOMEONE ELSE took them and they were property of that OTHER person.  FYI- The photos that weren’t good enough to use have now been posted on the company’s site.  Not good enough my ass.  Whatever- he got paid.  It’s just much more drama than any of us actually were prepared for.

We had a huge business trip through the first half of November that resulted in multiple photo shoots for Jay to create a new body of work.  We are currently processing about 70 Gigs of photos.  Wish us luck!

Planning for the holiday season has begun.  Looks like we may get to spend time with family!


More soon,

Pea Kay


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