A new job and the great plate death of 2013

Last week many realizations hit home.  The first, and most depressing, was that Jay made more money delivering pizzas on a Saturday night than he does teaching his Monday class.  It’s a sad state of affairs when a delivery driver is more highly paid than a teacher.  Sad, dark days indeed.

But let’s look at the bright side!  Jay was offered a new position!  He begins his first day with Android (A luxury watch company in South Florida) this afternoon!  He’s very excited, and I’m absolutely thrilled he was able to find work in his field.  He’ll be doing photography for them, taking their already beautiful products to a whole new level.  Baby’s officially bringing sexy back.

What this means for me is that I’ve suddenly got the house to myself for several hours a day.  Since we’re trying for a baby, this is likely to be the last time I get such alone time!  What should I fill it with?

Okee, fine.  That’s a joke, and we all know it.  I don’t have spare time!  This house is a full time job, and with six cats and two parrots, the amount of cleaning needed to keep it up to snuff is a daily struggle.  Take this morning, for instance.  Porthos (the stripey cat) had gotten it into his head that the best place to sleep would be in the china cabinet.  I am still unsure how he’s managed this, but he got into the cupboard, fell asleep, stretched out his meddlesome kitten paws and pushed an entire stack of plates on the hardwood floor.  The mess was considerable, and the crash was enough to wake the birds!  I came bolting out of the bedroom, roused by my tattle tale of a macaw, only to find Porthos still soundly asleep on a now bare cabinet shelf.  All but one of the plates were shattered far below him on the floor.

The good news is that this was our regular china, and not the fine china that his grandparents got when they were married in the 20’s.  That cabinet is getting locked up with a zip tie today, just to be safe.  Cat’s just can’t be trusted.  :)  The better news is that most of the plates were in the dishwasher, so we only lost five of them today.  

No matter how this goes down, we clearly need to rethink how we cat-proof this house.

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