Expired medications sneak up on a girl

Well, that’ll teach me.  I’ve been using the remains of a mass supply of Revolution to flea treat six cats in this house, and hadn’t realized that the medication had expired.  When fleas descend in Florida, they do so without mercy.  It’s unlike any flea invasion I’ve ever seen… as thought those little buggers unionized and overtook the house.  Holy crap.

Thank god for online ordering and overnight shipping!  My sweet kittens will be flea free soon.  I hope!

(Itchy) Kisses!

Pea Kay

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Pea Kay, otherwise known as Tonks, The Unhinged Knitter, moonlights at night as an infamous Cupcake Warrior. To learn more about what she does, visit the core pages of www.weavingroses.com!

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