Trying to conceive, Remembering to love

It’s easy to forget all of the reasons why you chose to have a child with the guy in your life if you’re focusing so much on trying to conceive.  We know that it’s important to get your baby sex timing just right, but if you’ve been trying for months (or years) to get pregnant, you may be falling prey to some big mistakes in the bedroom.

Sometimes I get so frustrated with this whole process.  I get angry when my cycle starts anew, and Aunt Flo comes to visit.  I blame myself, checking my charts and wondering where I might have gone wrong.  Did hubby not perform properly?  Did I miss time our sex?  The week that we actually get to try for baby can be crazy stressful on couples.  Which, of course, is exactly the opposite of what we are supposed to be doing.  We must, as women, make a point to let it go!  Yes, I know we need to keep trying.  I know we need to track what we’ve chosen to track, and I know that timing is everything.  But I also know that if we remove the pleasure out of sex with our partners, it won’t matter if we get pregnant or not.  Even though we are all trying to have a baby, the love between you and your partner is far superior.  It’s much more important to honor that love, and all of the reasons you’ve chosen to have a child with this person.  The baby will come.  The relationship you have with your partner should NOT  have to suffer because we are trying so very, very hard.   


 Yeah.  It’s like that.  I will be watching this video every time I start to stress about making a baby.  Say it with me now, ladies!  

“I will not treat my husband like a pair of gonads.  I am not a female angler fish.”

This is a lesson I need to remember.  It’s hard enough trying to start a family with our schedules so mismatched.  I will endevor to honor the love I have for my husband by showing him the utmost respect for our lovemaking.  I will not treat him like a sperm bank.  He is the man I want to be the father of my children, and I will respect our love.



I.  Am not.  An  angler fish.


Good luck!

Pea Kay

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