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Sea Bella Defining Gel has changed how I look at styling my hair.  This is no small task, as I’m not a woman who shirks away from styling.  I’ve had every cut could you possibly imagine, and tried nigh on every product you can think of.  I’ve rocked hardcore spiked mohawks and curled soft, flowing tresses.  I know my product, and I know what it can and can’t do for all different types of hair.  There have been thousands of products on the market that promise an all in one solution.  I’ve bought them, tried them and was always left wanting.  Second only to mascara companies, hair product advertisers are the biggest of the big fat liars.

Until today.  

Original photo sourced from

Original photo sourced from

I’m astounded at what this did for me.  To be fair, I haven’t bothered much with actual hair gels for some time, always having been disappointed in every product I’ve ever tried.  Nothing ever managed frizz like it promised.  But, ever the optimist, I tried again.  Here’s what happened.

To style, I washed my hair as normal and towel dried and left it down.  I did not even brush my hair.  Once it dried to the point of being damp (as opposed to dripping wet) I scrunched in this product, starting at the back and working my way forward.  I fingered out any larger snarls and clumps.  

To really put this product through the paces, I sat outside to let it finish drying.  Here on the island it was in the 90’s, with 80% humidity.  Normally, I’d frizz out like a sad poodle and have an unruly, tangled mess.  I mean, really!  Can you imagine?  Just… don’t brush your hair, and go let it air dry outside in that humidity??  I was expecting the worst.  Here’s what I got:

Photo was taken outside in 80% humidity.  Hair was "styled" by towel drying and scrunching in product while damp.  No brush.  Thassit.

Photo was taken outside in 80% humidity. Hair was “styled” by towel drying and scrunching in product while damp. No brush. Thassit.

I just can’t believe it.  I have struggled with crazy thick, nearly unmanageable hair all of my life.  It frizzes at the mere mention of rain.  But this is what I got after using this product!  As my hair has not been cut since mid April, I’ve got damaged ends.  With at least one round of bleach on top of  the damage, frizz is a foregone conclusion.  I just don’t know what to say.  It’s as though physics stopped working on my front porch.

I’m sold for life.

(Wanna try it?  It’s not available for regular, retail sale.  I don’t sell the product, but I am a member of the company that does, and can happily help you out.  Think of it like Costco, but online, cheaper and with FAR BETTER products.  Hit me up if you want to know more.)

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