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I never imagined I would be here.  I mean, sure, I’ve been a member of Melaleuca my whole adult life, and I love, love, love their products, but I never ran it as a business.  I never wanted to be that person.  Sure, loads of people decide to work Melaleuca as a business, but I never had any interest in selling the products or working the sign-ups.  I just wanted to love the products.  

Then, last week, my Mum calls me up.  She says she’s getting back into the business end of the business.  She says she’s got sponsors and support.  She says we need a hook.  A purpose outside of just making money.  So we came up with one.  

In the past week, our lives have been turned upside down.  What started out as something simple has already grown into so much more.  We’re on the verge of launching a new organization specifically geared to help those who have fallen regain positive momentum in their lives through living well and staying healthy.  Specifically focusing on recovery, financial independence and getting/staying active, Wild Women Wellness is a work in progress.  We aim to provide resources for recovering addicts, abuse survivors, those recovering major illness and all walks of people who are having to start their lives over.  We see recovery stories, event calendars, fund-raisers and success stories.  We see a place for body positive, lifestyle changing activities, recipes, and education about what and where your food really comes from.  We see a complete retelling of how people approach the food they purchase, the products they use and the lifestyle they live.  

Because getting healthy doesn’t mean going on a diet.  It doesn’t mean working out.  It doesn’t mean leaving abuse behind, or getting clean.  Or any singular improvement.  Total wellness, from body to mind to soul, means all of these things, working in tandem.  The best part is that we believe that someone can do these things AND become financially independent at the same time.  

I hope this goes somewhere great.


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