How pumpkin flavored chai marks the passage of time



Fall is officially just around the corner, and down on the island, it is nearly impossible to tell.  It’s basically summer year round here, so the changes of the seasons are limited to two events.  If you can’t find parking ANYWHERE, it’s tourist season.  If you can’t keep dry, it’s hurricane season.  That’s it.  It’s always warm, usually sunny and there are always flowers in bloom.  It’s an endless summer.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I am familiar with long seasons.  Summer was always my least favorite, however, and Wisconsin suited just fine as the summer’s are usually fairly short.  The seasons could be easily marked by the changes in weather and temperatures, no matter how extreme.

Tonight’s low near my home town promises to be in the low to mid 50’s.  This is a reasonable temp for fall, as the leaves begin to change.  Here on the island, however, it’s 90 degrees now, and will be 80 tonight.  So… summer.  Always summer.  In fact, it’s gotten to the point where the only way I can discern what season we’re currently in by what kind of drinks and cakes are posted on coffee shop boards.  You can always find summery items like Key Lime and smoothies year round, but there’s only one season that promises the pumpkin.



I’ve come to adjust (insofar as I can, anyway) that pumpkin flavored drinks means fall is here.  Peppermint flavored drinks means we’re nearing christmas, and a sudden rise in eggnog means it’s time to start practicing writing a new number on the end of my dates.

I’m honestly not wild about pumpkin flavored things.  I don’t much care for the flavor of fake pumpkin, but I am always excited to see these drinks hit the a-frame chalk boards outside of the numerous independent coffee shops that freckle South Florida.  It means that everywhere else I love in the United States is cooling off.  It means the leaves are changing, and that fabulous winter coats are being brought out of storage.  It means that my random urges to pile into my car and drive north as fast as possible are coming to a head.   (I may actually get to do that this year.  Look out, Virginia Color.  I”m gunning for you.)


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