I’ve been a member of Melaleuca for most of my life.  My mother signed up when I was just a kid, and I’ve been using their products ever since.  I’ve watched this company overcome the dreaded labels of “pyramid scam” to flourish and grow into a massive group of like-minded people, all helping, sharing and supporting the love of the products, the sustainability of our environment and the wealth of friendship.  I’ve always chosen to be on the cusp of this, preferring to simply share my love of the products with those who were interested.  I have never made an effort to become a part of the company, other than a lifetime user of their products.   

Over the past twenty years, the products have changed and grown.  The commitment to the environment, animal rights and community has, however, stayed in the forefront of every decision Melaleuca has ever made.  I have an unbelievable product loyalty to this company not only because of the far superior quality of use, but also because of what I have seen this company and it’s members accomplish in the name of kindness, loyalty and true, actual commitment.

I’ve seen first had what these products can do, and they still have the ability to amaze me after all of these years.  Now I want to see what the company can do for me, and what I can do for my community.

What’s in store?

I have never been interested in selling the products myself.  That’s one of the beautiful things about this company- you have total control over your involvement.  You can simply order the occasional product directly from the site.  You can sign up and order monthly, having everything you could ever need for you and your family’s health, care and cleanliness delivered right to your doorstep.  You can become active as a seller.  You can simply sit back and let the products sell themselves.  You can have no part in sales whatsoever, and just help others learn about the company, its products and its commitment to excellence.  You can run all the way to the top, earning thousands of dollars each month by doing all of these things.  I love it all.

Personally, I’ve chosen the  more passive path of earning income through Melaleuca.  I use their products exclusively, and am working enough to make a comfortable cushion to my income by simply helping others enjoy the products, too.  I don’t do sales pitches, physical sales or product demonstrations.  I just offer people an opportunity to make their own choice.

I’d like to learn more!

If you would like to learn more about this company, it’s products, it’s commitment to the environment, it’s involvement in community outreach or any other aspect of Melaleuca, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I’m happy to help you learn as much as you wish.  Let’s schedule an online meeting and, with absolutely no hassle, pressure or gimmicks, find out if this company is a good fit for you and your family.



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