June bug anitchrist

Anatomy of a June Bug


Ever since I was a little girl I have been hit in the face by June Bugs.  It’s not that there were so many of them around, or even that I was always running around outside ,(though as a kid, I often was…) but without fail, I would get hit in the face by a freaking bug.  Times haven’t changed in my life.  This happens so often that it’s become a thing of note in my social circle.  It doesn’t matter how long I’m outside for- if there’s a June Bug nearby, it WILL fly into my face.  They don’t even make a pretense of trying to avoid me.  It goes down in seconds, and the first warning of any approaching bug is that it came from nowhere and HIT ME IN THE FREAKING FACE.  

I must have done the species a great disservice in a previous life, for apparently I am the June Bug Antichrist.


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