Termite tenting and the living room floor reveal

It’s been a total madhouse around here, but the termite tenting process is finally complete.  We’re back in the home and termite free.  The cats (yeah… all six of them) came with us to a local pet-friendly hotel, while the parrots went to be boarded at our favorite bird shop.  It’s like summer camp for them there.  They got to have fresh fruits and veggies every day, play with new (also friendly) parrots, have time out of cages and out on play stands to greet customers and even learned new words from other parrots!  When we came back to pick them up, both boys were over the moon with joy to see us (it had been almost a week!) but the true prize was when Marvin looked right at us and said “Hello!”  His first clear word!  Hurray!

I did my best to document the termite tenting process, but as the tent didn’t go up until late in the day, the lighting sucked for photography.  No worries, though.  I got some photos as they were taking the tent down.  Picture heavy post today, but hey- let’s get started!

I wonder just how many termites were killed under that enormous tent?

I wonder just how many termites were killed under that enormous tent?

My neighbor told us that they had to bring out a crane to finish raising the tent, because the roof was too sharp to drag the tent across.  Sorry, guys!

The tent comes down.

The tent comes down.

Watching the unwrap my house was like the coolest christmas present ever given.  Who wraps up an entire house?  Hulett Environmental Services does.  Hulett was awesome through the entire process.  They were fast, informative, polite and thorough.  Not that this is a mark in their favor insofar as service goes, but they also had some of the funniest commercials in the early 90’s.  Check it out!

 [embedplusvideo height=”365″ width=”450″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/10KJx3Z” standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/dPGU0qn9NvI?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=dPGU0qn9NvI&width=450&height=365&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=┬Čes=” id=”ep6428″ /]

The serviceman who did our home was telling us about how the little person does all of their advertising, and has for decades.  Hulett is a locally run, family owned business here in West Palm, and I’m pretty damn sure I’ve met him before.  Maybe I’ll run into him again, and I’ll be able to tell him how much the old commercials make me smile.  :)

Once we got the cats back in (the parrots couldn’t come back for a few more days) we began cleaning everything from top to bottom.  The company swears that the gas used dissipates cleanly, but you’re not supposed to have anything that you would swallow be left out for the gas to affect.  As everything in the house is fair game for parrot mouths, we wanted to make sure to give the house a heavy cleaning up.

It's wonderful to actually have full use of the kitchen counter again!

It’s wonderful to actually have full use of the kitchen counter again!

A decided bonus of this process was that we finally got all of the small piles of books, bags and boxes off of the extended counter!  If I can actually get my hands on some 24in stools before we inadvertently fill that space back up with random crap, we’ll finally have a breakfast bar.  Yay!


Living room floors!

Living room floors!

There they are, guys!  The gorgeous hardwood floors, hidden under carpeting since the 60’s, brought out to new life and unbelievable shine.  I’m so very in love with them.  I’ll never understand why someone would choose to cover these up with nasty beige carpeting.  Aren’t they something??






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