A new skirt, a long week and a hopeful smile.

Holy hell, it’s been a madhouse around here!  let’s kick it off at the top, shall we?  We had guests stay with us for about a week and a half.  They went back up north on Friday night, and we miss them terribly!  I don’t get to see my loved ones very often, being so far south here in Florida, but when I get a chance to spend time with the people I love most, I’m not very interested in much else.  Like keeping up with this blog, for instance.  :p

Beautiful Lion Fish at the turtle rescue.

Beautiful Lion Fish at the turtle rescue.

We took my dearests around the island and surrounding areas.  Favorites included the local turtle rescue, the Jupiter Lighthouse, The Sailfish Marina’s Art Faire and, of course, the beach.  One of my personal favorites of the trip was being able to spend time with my favorite puppy in the whole world- my pug, Akuma.  He’s an absolute delight, and he got to see the ocean for the first time.  I’ve never seen him have so much fun!

It goes without saying that everyone had a wonderful time, and many tearful goodbyes were said.  We’ll all be visiting again very soon, though, so our tears won’t fall for too long.

Juvenile sea turtle

Juvenile sea turtle

After guests go back home, we often stall out the next morning.  What do we do now?  Where did everyone go?  Jesus, the house is so quiet now!  Or, rather, as quiet as a house with parrots ever can be.  To fill my recovery day, I usually knit up a storm.  Not this time, however.  Perhaps it’s just the Florida colors, but I was inspired to sew a new skirt!

I hacked up an old skirt that I didn’t much care for anymore and salvaged the waist and inner lining.  Then I picked up three jelly rolls from my local fabric store.  (A jelly roll is a set of fabric strips in coordinating colors, usually two or four inches wide and over 20 inches long, rolled up like a jelly roll and tied in place with ribbons.  They’re generally used for quilting.) 

Jelly Rolls.  Source:  strawberryfayre.co.uk

Jelly Rolls. Source: strawberryfayre.co.uk

I don’t have a serger.  It’s on my to-do list, but in the meantime, all of my sewn edges must either be hemmed outright or seamed in some other fashion.  Today I chose to run a zigzag stitch around each fabric strip, to allow for a little decorative fray.  Once zagged, each strip got a ruffled up and attached to my skirt base.  There are over 100 ruffled strips on this tea length skirt!  I’ll be honest- it weighs far less than I expected it to.  I adore it, and the parrots approve!

I finished this skirt in one (very long) sitting, and wore it out for an evening walk with the birds.  We watched the fishing boats come in for the day and the cruise ships sail out.  Marvin always likes to yell at the boats, and sometimes they honk back.  It’s great.


Marvin could care less about the boats.  He's more interested in the shiny dragonfly print on my shirt.

Marvin could care less about the boats. He’s more interested in the shiny dragonfly print on my shirt.

Watching the boats on the inlet

Watching the boats on the inlet


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