Upcycled drawers make fabulous decor!

When we began gutting this house out, I made a point to salvage all of the wooden drawers.  I don’t have a full accounting of them at hand, but I believe it’s safe to say that I have at least 12 drawers in various sizes and shapes.  They have come from huge dressers, nightstands and desks, and most are well made, solid wood.  My goal is to sand them all down and turn them into a variety of projects.  Here’s a few of my most favorite ideas!

After!  Source:  Craftynest.com

Source: Craftynest.com

This was my original goal, even though when we began working here there were fourteen bookcases.  What’s one more, right?  I love the depth the drawers give, making them suitable for all kinds of storage.  But this upcycle idea isn’t limited to shelving.   It could also be a headboard!

Source:  thegardeningcook.com

Source: thegardeningcook.com

Or just a small bookcase, tucked away in a favorite reading spot.  This way, it can also double as a table, just big enough to fit your cuppa tea.

Source: Pintrest.com.  Other source unknown.

Source: Pintrest.com. Other source unknown.

But why stop at shelving?  How about attaching some old funky table legs, and making an end table?  I think I may have to have one of these next to my favorite chair in the living room!

Source:  Womansday.com

Source: Womansday.com

Or a coffee table?  (Love the skull, by the way!)

Source:  Designsponge.com

Source: Designsponge.com

This is one of my all time favorite upcycle ideas- a foot stool!  I know, I know… I have plans for like five of these already- none of which actually involve drawers.  Which, of course, is why I’m convinced I must do this one, too.  What’s even better is that this one has a removable top so you can still use the drawer as storage.  You can find a great tutorial on making it here.

Source:  Beyond the Picket Fence

Source: Beyond the Picket Fence

How about putting on some one-way castors and creating some under bed storage?

Source:  thriftycraftygirl.com

Source: thriftycraftygirl.com

Or a serving tray?

Source:  lunaandchloeweddings.com

Source: lunaandchloeweddings.com

You could turn them into planters,

Source:  thecottagemarket.com

Source: thecottagemarket.com

Or use the fronts to make funky wall hooks.

drawer upcycle 9

The possibilities are endless, really.  And I’m sure there’s all kinds of unique twists I haven’t discovered yet.  I’ve got designs on making a steam trunk out of a set of them.  We’ll see how that goes!!


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