A big announcement! We’re trying to start a family!

It’s official- We are trying to conceive!  There are pickles in the fridge, testing strips in the bathroom and hope in our hearts. Our families are thrilled and we couldn’t be more excited. Or nervous.  Mostly excited.   :)  

pickles and ice cream

Ooh, tasty snacks!

I’m overwhelmed by the amount of information regarding making a baby.  I had NO idea it was going to be as difficult as it turns out to be!  I mean, haven’t we, as a species, been cranking out kids for thousands of years?  Seriously, how hard can it be?  Apparently, much as with any situation, those are dangerous words to say.  I’ve been researching (obsessively…) and on top of a woman only having a 15 to 20 percent chance of conceiving a child in a given cycle, there’s also the specific workings of one’s own fertility to consider.  I’m a bright lady, and I understand full and well how the reproductive system works, but I have never been in a position to have to track or chart my own fertility before.  I’ve never had the need to know exactly when I was going to ovulate, so I’d never taken an Ovulation Prediction Kit before.  Not to mention this sudden deluge of acronyms I’d never heard of!

Source:  shebytes.com

Source: shebytes.com

 OPK?  FMU?  BFP?  Baby Dust??  What the hell is Baby Dust, I asked myself?  It’s a whole new language of fertility, babies, testing strips and hopeful smiles.  I’ve become involved in a few communities online, but none has been as resourceful or supportive as the one from iPeriod- a calendar tracking app from Winkpass.  Even if you’re not trying to start a family, this app is a godsend for women.  I’ve been using it for over two years now, and it has really helped me get a better understanding of my wildly irregular cycle.  The developers also offer a sister app, iPregnant, which offers a shared community forum with iPeriod and similar calendar tracking features.  It also walks you though your pregnancy, one week at a time, and provides lists and charts of every possible thing you could ever need to show your doctor.  Pretty freaking sweet, if you ask me!

Another resource that has been a huge help in answering all of my newbie TTC questions has been thebump.com.  Hosted by the same people who run their companion wedding site, The Knot, this site has scads of information, blog posts, tracking tools, community support, shopping list, doctor’s questions and answers and registry tracking.  As with their wedding site, you can create a baby web page with info about Mom and Dad, the kids and pretty much anything else you may wish to share.  I’ll be setting one up soon enough, as we have family and friends all over the world who want to be kept in the loop.

Okee, fine, I'll use rubber knives.  Sheesh!  :p

Okee, fine, I’ll use rubber knives. Sheesh! :p

Speaking of being in the loop, we usually call family in Japan every Saturday.  This week we have checked in twice, and though it’s only been two days since we told Dad about our trying to start a family, he’s already asking if I’m pregnant yet!  To be fair, he’s been threatening that if his son doesn’t give him a grandchild soon, he’d have to make one all on his own.  He’s wanted grandkids pretty much since the day his son was born.

I have an unbelievable number of fears regarding all of this situation, but for now, let’s just stay positive and try and figure out where the nursery should go.  I hope it involves a demo project for me!  I’d love to take out a wall or two before I have a baby bump too big to afford me much home remodeling fun.




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