Guest Post in Jodie’s Journey- “You’re not safe if you have breasts” and other loads of utter rot.

Jodie’s blog is a fun place for me to kick up my feet and goof off with one of my oldest and best friends of all time.  She does weekly guest blog theme spots, and I almost always join in, having a total laugh riot as we giggle it up.  This week, however, her theme was more serious and introspective- Womens Issues, so I felt the need to share my post over here with you.  I encourage you to log on with Jodie (and myself!) to add your own take on what she’s writing about.

In other news, we’re really getting things going down here.  We’ve got new guests arriving next week, and we’re very excited about it!  We also have some truly exciting news in the works, and I promise we won’t keep it quiet for long, because I really want to start blogging about this, too!



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