The week’s plans, revisited.

This week was all about the living room.  Namely, the removal of that nasty carpeting!  We began in the back hall near the guest room and ripped our little hearts out.  The good news is that the carpet came up easily enough.  The bad news is that the tack strips are hammered down into all of that glorious wood every two inches, and with huge nails.  HUGE nails.  It’s insane, and pulling them up has been a beast of a chore.

This morning I got up and went right back to work, ripping more tack strips out of the hall flooring.  I’m glad I have my phone set up to send me a text if someone tries to book the room on Air BnB, because I would have begun removing the carpet at the worst possible time if my phone didn’t stop me!

We’re having some last minute guests in for the rest of the week.  A couple from Vermont are flying in tomorrow afternoon, so the carpet removal has been stalled.  We cleaned the cut edge up and finished removing the remaining exposed strips, so we don’t have to worry about any damaged feet while we have guests.

We’re doing the room’s flip process today, which includes washing all bed linens on an allergen setting, making sure that any dust that might have collected in the linen closet is no longer an issue.   The room has been swept and mopped.  The guest bed has been stripped, vacuumed and is waiting to be dressed in fresh sheets.  Guest towels get rolled up and placed in shelves and personal notes are next on the list of things to prepare.

We try to go all out for guests and offer them a truly worry-free vacation.  We offer laundry services, shopping services and local transportation when available.  We have a fresh supply of coffee and bagels available in the mornings, and lots of little snacks out and about during the day.  This time, I’ll be introducing something new!

When we went to the estate sale a few weekends ago, I picked several glass water carafes.  These will be our first guests to try a few flavors of natural fruit infused waters on!  I’m pretty excited about this one!  :)

Well, the laundry boys, Hal and Dave, are singing their “I’m done washing things, come and get me!” song.  Time to change loads and get back to work!  We still have to clean the parrot cages, too!


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