Looking for a floor vase?

As we continue to revamp this property, we keep coming across oddities to sell.  Craigslist has been good to us, and here’s another one going up for grabs!


This is a huge floor vase!  It was purchased by a very young Jay at a local auction.  He and his mother kept it here at the house for many years, but it’s time it moved on down the line.  Here’s some info about it…

  • Craigslist Linky!
  • Huge floor vase stands 3 feet high
  • Depicts classical Chinese paintings
  • Gold painted lizards and cranes around the top
  • Beautiful floral design.  Very colorful.
  • 200 dollars or best offer.
I get that it’s awesome, for what it is, but it’s just not working in this house anymore.  It’s gotta go!  If you want it, by all means, come and pick it up!  
I do hope that whomever takes it home enjoys it!
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