The battle of the yard.

We are always working on something here, but because there are so many things happening all at once, we often neglect certain areas.  One of our biggest neglects is yard work.  We have a pair of hedge clippers and a gas powered mower, but the mower is in need of repair.  We simply hadn’t gotten around to it yet.
The yard itself is medium to large, and since we both prefer a more… erm… natural look to the greenery, fixing the mower was on the “to-do eventually” list.  The back yard in particular had gone to a fair riot of wildflowers.  I had no complaints whatsoever, as we both love the butterflies that frequent due to the wildflowers.  The hummingbirds seemed to like it, too.
The city, however?  Not so much.  I got a “friendly reminder” in the mail about our yard.  The wanted us to cut the grass, remove any and all dead vegetation from trees (this time of year the palm fronds get a bit brown) and edge the property, including areas along the parkway.  Well, I don’t know about you, but among the broken shambles of various yard equipment lodged out in the garage, an edging tool is just not one of them.
So we hired someone.  He came out this afternoon and mowed the grass (and the lovely wildflowers!  *sad face*), trimmed some of the bushes and edged all of the pavement.  We no longer have any weeds growing up from between the brick walkway up to the house.  The yard looks clean, professional and crisp.  He did a wonderful job, but I have to admit… I much prefer a wild yard.  
Jay agrees with me, and while the city may have it’s regulations about how we keep our own property (there’s no HOA exactly… they just get to be bitchy.) we do get final say on what landscaping goes into the land.  As such, we’re working on some xeriscape ideas!

Some what??

Xeriscaping, or Xerogardening is a method of gardening used in areas that don’t have a steady or reliable access to irrigation or water supply.  Florida doesn’t exactly have this problem, but many variations on this method  have been adopted to create yardscapes that require little to no of the routine and usual upkeep of a regular grassy yard.  Personally, I hate grass.  Don’t get me wrong- it’s great and all, but I never understood the point of planting something that you intend to actually fight will all summer long in an attempt to prevent it from growing.  If I wanted to fight against the natural progression of things, I could find many far more worthy causes to rail against.
I’ve begun working on some design sketches for yard ideas.  We already know that any features we offer in the back yard would be centered around the treehouse we wish to build, but the front yard is an open book! It’s not an enormous amount of space, but the house is set back a bit on the lot and we do have plenty of wiggle room for a variety of ideas.  Hopefully we will hammer out a few soon.
Here’s a basic sketch of our front yard.

Like I said, the front yard is not massive, but it does have areas of open grass that could easily be used for something.  But what, exactly?  I’ve been pouring over the internet looking for photos, and have not come across something that I totally love as of yet.  If you have suggestions, we’re all ears!

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  1. Pea Kay – we get it! As Florida landscapers we understand the frustrations many feel with yards and gardens that are either overgrown or wilting from too much sun and little water. Planning is key in creating a green space will be easy on the eyes and budget in the long run. Sounds like you’re on your way.

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