A Treehouse in Paradise

Everyone loves a treehouse!  I’m a big fan of this post from Buzzfeed about 17 Treehouses for Adults.  There are some truly beautiful options there, and maybe one day, we will be able to add our own photos to that list.  That’s the goal, anyway.

Photo from Reddit.

We have a spacious back yard, and the goal is to build a lofted structure, accessed via a circular staircase.  It should have at least one main wall, a thatched roof and a luxurious bed suspended from above.  The goal is to build so that the trees we plant will grow around, and eventually absorb the structure.

Ooh, a handy sketch!

The basic idea, from top to bottom, is to offer a retreat that sleeps two.  A double bed will hang from the tiki style roof, covered with crazy amounts of pillows.  Small chairs and at least one table will also be in the space.  Depending on how large the room is (my goal is 8 by 10 feet, but it may be 10 by 12…) we may also put in some small dressers and extra benches.

One permanent wall will be built into the structure, obscuring vision from the walkway behind our property.  The other walls of the lofted area of the treehouse will remain open, with safety railings.  The entire open space will have mosquito netting to help keep the bugs out.

The second floor will be accessed by a circular staircase.  The idea is to plant trees around this structure, allowing them to grow with the treehouse naturally.  Some training will be involved, of course!

The ground floor will also be tented with mosquito netting, and offer optional privacy screens as well as the same permanent wall structure at the back.  The idea here is to run the plumbing we already have outdoor access to underground to this patio space, and nestle a large in-ground bathing tub for all to enjoy.  I’m thinking something like this…

From the Kohler Website.  Bubble Massage Tub.

The ground level bathing space would not offer a toilet, but instead would be fully stocked with every luxury one could imagine while relaxing in the tub.  Fluffy organic cotton towels, plush robes, optional candle lighting, a tray loaded with tropical goodies to nibble on, cool, fruit-infused waters to sip and handmade bath scrubs, oils and soaps to pamper with.  The guests would have the option of added privacy by simply closing the screens off.  Or, if they prefer, they can simply let the mosquito netting float in the breeze.  

Guests staying in the treehouse would have access to all of the common areas of the house- the living room, bathrooms and kitchen- whenever they needed.  But still- how cool would it be to sleep here?  But wait- it gets even better.
There are a number of marine salvage yards local to us.  The idea here is to build the treehouse from as many found and salvaged materials as possible.  Because we also intend to let the parrots play in the treehouse when it’s not being rented to guests, it must all be as clean of a build as possible.  We’ll add bird feeders, bird houses and climbing ropes all over the structure, encouraging all of the local birds to play.  Most importantly, the structure must be easy to hose down and clean!  That’s why I want the linens and bedding to be easy to move around.
We may even get lucky and find an old wooden boat to salvage.  I would love to turn a small fishing boat into the hanging bed, or even a bench!  
I can’t wait until we can really get this project underway.  It will be amazing if we can pull this off.

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  1. so cool
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  2. Love this idea!!! How fun! I really like tree-houses. Always thought they are beautiful and bring a certain calmness. The spiral staircase is awesome idea. I think if I built a house I would need one. I hope you are able to make this dream become a reality! Will look for updates!
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