Come and visit us and rent a room in paradise!

As you know, one of the many reasons we are working so hard to flip this property from top to toes is to rent out the space and offer a truly unique vacation experience to all guests who visit us on the island.  We’ve officially launched through Air BnB, and you can now rent the space for a week at a time!  Check out our listing here!

We’re offering the guest room out at a very reduced rate because, well… read the blog!  You know what we’re doing here!

The house is officially insured, so we’re open for business!  Hurray!!  Now, as you know, we have a long way to go before this property is completed, but there’s only so far we can stretch our budget.  Having guests stay with us will help everyone.  They get a full experience on the property, including chauffeur, maid and laundry services, breakfast and dinner options and an unlimited supply of coffee, tea and other tasties (Cupcakes, of course!  Cupcakes forever!)  at a VERY low nightly rate, and we get fundage for more home lovin.  But what’s the ultimate goal?

I’m so glad you asked.  You see, one of the many things we hope to do with this property is build a treehouse.  Not just any treehouse, of course.  We’re working towards building the ultimate getaway, right in the back yard, and listing it to rent!  I’ll post more on that soon- it’s a blog post all on it’s own!  For now, let’s talk about our first round of guests!

I launched the listing on Air BnB on Wednesday night.  I hadn’t even completed the full listing (House rules, directions, yadda yadda) before I already had requests!  Our first guest arrived on Friday.  She stayed for the weekend, and we had SO much fun hanging out with her.  She’ll likely be back in a few weeks, so we’ll get to know her even better!  Our second guests arrived the day our first guest left- a very funky couple from  North Carolina.  They’ve only arrived today, but so far?  I think this could be the start of something fabulous.

We’ve already learned a few things.  Namely that we need to make sure we block off the day a guest is checking out to properly flip the room for new guests!  We were able to get it done today, but because I run all bedding through the wash on an allergen cycle to remove any possible troubles (such as someone’s perfume) from the fabrics, we need to ensure enough time for that to happen!  The wash cycle alone takes an hour and a half, and the full run of bedding takes two loads in the wash.  Drying takes about 40 minutes, and we also have to clean the bathrooms and floors between each guest.  As such, the minimum amount of time we would need to flip the room for new guests is about four hours.  Doable, sure, but neither Jay nor I care to be in full flight mode between guests, so having a day to do it slowly is much better.  Plus the parrots get fussy when we’re zipping about the property.

The guest room is still, in part, being used for storage.  At the price we’ve listed, we feel this is acceptable, and we needn’t worry about sticky fingers as all valuables have been removed.  I suppose if our guests really, really want to steal Ikea table legs and old disks of Jay’s student’s work, then there’ll be no stopping them.  :p

This house has never been cleaner, and I love the social aspect of hosting.  I hope that we continue to get reservations from people all over the world!  You, my dear reader, are more than welcome to join us down here.  Hell- if you tell me you’re coming in because you read the blog, I’ll even let you see the surprises waiting in the garage.  :)


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