Living room fabrics for ottoman diy’s!

We’ve decided to go with the Worn Turquoise pallette.  Now begins the lovely task of fabrics!  I’ve got two chairs ready to go, but first?  I’m going to cut my teeth on something a bit less complex.

I’ve ordered a yard of the newspaper print and the turquoise jacquard prints to convert small square tables into ottomans.  I think it’s a good start to kick the living room off before moving forward with more fabrics!  I see soft white paint over the ugly wooden paneling, drapes from the branchy/coraly print next to the newsprint and chairs in the solid turquoise shades.  I also see many small pillows and the like from all of the fabrics, but I’m most excited about the two ottomans!  I’ve got everything I need to get started already lying around the house- accept for the fabric.  
Soon, my friends.  Soon.
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