If it’s not one thing…

This house is running out of old things to break, but it keeps testing us anyway!  I need to update that crazy list of things we’ve done (and what’s yet to do), but today we took a ride to crazy town.

We woke up to an unbelievable mess.  The entire west side of the kitchen was swamped.  The counters were a mess the floor was slicked with grossness.  The ceiling above was dripping and the wooden boards were not terribly happy about it.  Some investigating told us several things.  One, the rat traps Orkin left upstairs need to be emptied.  Eeeeew.  Two, the catch tray from the AC was VERY overflowed.  That’s the mess that leaked all over my kitchen.  Uncle John helped us resolve the issue, and since we have no other means to prevent this from happening in the future, we now have an odd addition to the monthly upkeep.

What happens is that the run off pipe gets filled with sea coast sludge and yuck.  So, we yank the hose over there, stuff it up the pipe and flood it for ten or fifteen seconds, then let gravity do it’s work.  What comes out is a green sludge that smells awful, but it must be cleaned out.  It gathers in the elbow bends of the small pipes and backs up the works.  So, as long as we keep flushing it out every now and again, this should not happen anymore.

It’s a simple enough process, but it’s a totally new one on me.  There must be a way to prevent this from happening, but research has been fruitless, and hey- whatever works, right?

Jay has an interview with Palm Beach State College tomorrow morning, after we drop McLovin (the big orange cat) off at the vet for a dental cleaning.  He’s very excited, and today’s kitchen mess adventures backed up our final prepping for  his interview, but his clothes are pressed, his shoes are shined and all of his documents are printed and ready to go.  Even if he royally botches the interview, he’ll look spiffy doing so.  :)

The living room is still in progress, and we boxed up three huge boxes of old VHS tapes.  I never thought we’d actually get them out of the house, but Uncle John took them with him when he came by.  Next up in that list is to box up all of the numerous photo albums, and then the ripping up process shall begin!  I can’t wait to see what it will look like when it’s all said and done, and a part of that will include fixing up with two small stuffed chairs I found on Craigslist.

The colors are still conceptual, as we have not picked a color set for the living room yet.

Wish us luck tomorrow- I’ll be in the garage taking on dressers and chair legs while Jay impresses the local Professorship talent.  I hope he gets the job, of course, but more than that?  I hope he loves the job if he gets it.  <3


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