Florida Home Energy Costs Got You Down?

One of the many things we are trying to do here is get the house as energy efficient as possible.  Right now, we have a long way to go, but we’re off to a basic start!  In the winter, it sometimes dips down into the 20’s, so knowing that there’s no insulation between the walls is a bit of a problem!  So where do we begin to keep this home cool in the summer, warm in the winter AND keep our energy costs down?

Well… we’d move.  But let’s be serious.

I started here, at a list of DIY ways to lower your energy costs via home insulation tricks.  Most of these tips are ones I’ve used in the past in different climates, and I have to say, the bubble wrap trick is a great one!  Especially in rooms that don’t get much use during parts of the year, such as a guest room.  I’ve never used the install method they describe in the link provided, preferring to simply use painters tape and tack it up.

Weather stripping the windows is something that needs to be updated here, and it’s right at the top of the list, as well as actually caulking some of the spaces.  We’re also looking into energy saving screens and shades! I’m also mid “door snake” for a few of the doors that don’t sit true.  It’s not going to make a wild amount of difference, considering how much of the frame has slewed out of true, but every little bit helps, and any excuse to play with cute fabric prints is a good one in my book.

Image credits and sewing tutorial can be found here.

I’ve made these in the past, when living in Wisconsin.  Few know the unpleasantness of a drafty door better than a Wisconsonite, and I can say with surety that rice or flax seed make for the best fillers.  Rice is much easier to get your hands on, though, and it’s what I’ve used most.  Basically, you just sew a long tube and fill it with rice.  Thassit.

We also are looking into cell shades- interior shades with a honeycomb build made to reduce energy costs- and a new type of hurricane shutter.
The shutters are pretty interesting!  They’re a dense, impact resistant fabric shade that gets mounted over the exterior of windows.  Doing this will be one of the more cost effective options for us, and having that completed will make the cost of home insurance here in the heart of hurricane alley far more bearable.  Once this step, over any other, is completed, we can actually begin realistically renting out the guest room on Air B&B to travelers.  I can hardly wait!

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