Bathrooms get an update


We have family visiting this week, and the bathrooms needed some love.  Let’s begin with the Master Bath, shall we?

Rug of Awesome!!

Both bathrooms are fairly small, so the freshen up challenge was mostly about decor and linens.  Target has these adorable guys in a whole collection on clearance.

Small, but adorable!

 I had thought that perhaps the shower curtain would be too bold for the space, but it’s working very nicely!  The best part, though, is the kid’s hooded towel and matching rug…

My new hair towel.  :)

Even the shower hooks have brightened up the Master Bathroom.

I want to hug them!!

The guest bath also got a makeover.  There is a horrid sunflower print all over the tub, and since it will be some time before it can be replaced or covered in some way, we did the best we could to make it work with like shapes in muted colors.

It’s everywhere inside the tub.

We picked out a fabric curtain with similar circles…

Added soft touches…
Looks like maybe we should repaint the walls in here.

this is, by far, one of the smallest bathrooms I’ve ever seen, but at least everything inside of it works!  :)

I think the sink and counter are too large for the space!
How would you change things?

As my Mum is only 5 hours out, it is time for me to get on the move!  More soon, my loves!


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