The Laundry Closet

The new washer and dryer were delivered this morning, and I’m happier than I expected to be.  They fit in the space very well, and while they do take a VERY long time to do loads (and hour and a half in the washer for the “whites” cycle??) the clothes are clearly in better care.
I have started my second load, and the first load to come out of the dryer was soft, fluffy and without a single wrinkle.  If I only have to do one or two loads a day, the excess time needed for these cycles will be fine.  Hopefully this will be incentive to never ever fall behind on laundry.
The previous washer was taken away, and I am not sorry to see it go.  It has had a good, long life here on the island, and I can’t even imagine just how much sand is hiding inside that old Maytag!
Goodbye, ancient friend.  May you be salvaged for parts.
The install was fast and simple.  The guys were in and out in less than a half an hour.  We are missing the manual for the dryer, but the good news is that Maytag offers PDF manuals of all appliances they sell.  No harm done there.
Hello, local appliance store truck!
Wow.  I need to water the yard.

So far, I’ve been doing laundry all day.  It’s slower than the previous Maytag, but clearly far more efficient.  Clothes are coming out extra fluffy.  I’m not fond of how they smell, but that’s because we had to purchase some random brand of HE washer detergent while we wait for Melaleuca’s order to arrive.  Just a few days, and my laundry will be extra perfect.
They make fun little beeping noises that are not at all unpleasant to hear when you open the doors.  The dryer has a built in drum light, and sings a little song when you open it.  I wasn’t expecting that, and the first time we opened the door, Jay looked at me and said “I’m sorry Dave…”
A few months ago my girlfriend did a bit of work for The Price Is Right, and ended up with tons of their price tag stickers.  (I know, right??)  We’ve put them to good use.  
Meet Hal and Dave
Maytag Maxima series Washer and Dryer
Hal, the dryer
Dave, the washer

So far, we are both very pleased with the purchase.  I hope they will continue to give us years and years of excellent, if not a bit creepy, clothing care.

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