No matter how much we accomplish or how well we adjust, the reality is that this space and the work it needs requires more than just our two hands from time to time.  Sure, we’re “doing it all ourselves”, but that doesn’t mean we’re idiots.  The yard, for instance- let’s talk about the yard.

No matter how savvy we are or how much we are capable of learning, there is NO WAY you are getting me to climb up a 30 foot ladder to prune the palm fronds.  There is no way I can safely tackle the thorny bouganvilla bushes on this property, as there are four of them, and two are now taller than the house.  Could I manage them if they were already managed?  Well, of course!  But as they are now?  Not a freaking chance.  So, we will have someone come by this afternoon to give us an estimate on they yard and the work it needs.

Then there’s the interior of the house.  I’ve given it many a healthy (and sometimes frenzied) scrubbing from top to bottom, but with the amount of work we’re trying to do every day, there simply aren’t enough hours or days in the week to pull off every trick in the book.  As such, we’re having someone come in to give us an estimate on a monthly cleaning service to shave a few precious hours of grout scrubbing and floor sanitizing.  This is precious time that can so more easily be put to hauling out furniture, fixing random things and, gods forbid, finishing some more of the projects waiting in the garage.

Not to mention we have family coming in a month’s time.  Yeah… our timeline got bumped a bit, and the guest room is a glorified storage space.  We’ll be busy bees!  Hopefully there will still be time for cupcakes.  Or, perhaps, my Great Grandmother’s sugar cookies.


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