Under the kitchen sink with Scubb

The past week has been about other work, and while I understand that this house will take time, I always end up feeling guilty for doing other things.  “I can’t go to the grocery store!  I need to be remodeling the Laundry Room!”  “OMG.  This bank like is taking forever!  Why can’t I have an ATM attachment for my flash drive??”  “Doctor’s appointment?  Yeah, okee, I have an ear infection.  Can’t this shit wait?  I’m finishing a dresser!”

Oh, Miss Sweet Brown, how you’ve captivated us all.

Today, however, I just couldn’t take it anymore, and put off other errands to bury myself under the kitchen sink.  This is one of the only ungutted spaces in the kitchen, and armed with a trash bag and some gloves, it’s now a lovely, well organized beauty.  I threw out loads of ancient chemicals, vacummed and washed it all top to toes and reorganized all of our eco friendly cleaning supplies into two tidy Ikea boxes.  You know- the fabric ones that zip on the bottom?  They’re awesome.  I use them all over the house, from everything to our lingerie drawer in the bedroom to sorting medicines in the bathroom drawers.

See the whole SKUBB line here.

I’ll be sure to get some photos when the whole kitchen is complete, but for now I can relax in the knowledge that my OCD need to organize small spaces has saved the day.  :)


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