Paintings and Break Times

As Jay continues to work on his images in the hopes of flushing out a new body of work, the siege on this house as slowed to a crawl.  That’s okee though-  not every minute of every day can be about fixing, baking, cupcakes, power tools and remodeling furniture.

In our break from the home, we are both turning our focuses to creative efforts.  Jay is editing images and being inspired, and I am painting again.  I had only done one painting in 10 years.  I felt it was time to get back to work.

Akuma, my pug.  He’s with his awesome Dad up in Virginia.

It’s coming back to me so quickly, and I feel like I’m unbottling.  I’ve done three acrylic pieces and one ink drawing in three days.  I’m getting better with each study, and though they’re all quite small, I am happy to be back in the paints.  I’m turning my focus to plants now…

Red Dragon Venus Fly Trap.  They’re actually fairly purple.
I love them, and hope to grow them again soon.

I may take the studies to some of the furniture.  Who knows?  I usually don’t care much for that on furniture, preferring a more minimalistic take on color blocking in rooms, but still.  Could be fun.

We will be back to work on the house soon enough.  In the meantime, I have a very large canvas waiting for me to have to guts to try something totally new.


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