Little tasks that add up.

Productivity is actually up!  Today we were able to install two of the three shelves going into the craft room, which gave me license to unpack.  Dvds of endless number were alphabetized and put away, audio books were dusted off and stored by author, and the beginnings of my yarn organization have begun to be put back into place.  The green chaise I do most of my work from was cleaned and tucked tidily into a well lit corner with a cunning little window to keep a cool breeze.  My stereo was hooked up, and is now pumping out an audio book.  The desk, and enormous wooden beast, was cleaned and moved, and I began organizing the little craft bits within it’s many drawers.  Sewing on one side, paper and paints on the other.

The bedroom closet also go a big update.  We found the box of Jay’s extensive tie collection, which I sorted by color and hung properly.  We still only have one finished door on the closet, but it’s really starting to come together.

I also (finally!) Got all of the Thank You notes for Jay’s art show (it ended at the new year) addressed and sent out, trying my hand at an interesting addressing technique I found on Pintrest.

Mine are not nearly as pretty, which is why I suspect this Etsy seller does a fair trade!

Pretty or no, they’re addressed, stamped and in the mailbox.  Between the many tiny tasks and the larger furniture building and moving that today was made up of, I’m right exhausted.  Jay is curled up on the couch, plugged into the iPad and watching a movie.  I will be curling up on my green chaise and pouring over knitting pattern books I haven’t seen in months.  Best.  Evening.  Ever.


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