The Banquet of Mockery gets a new home

The space that formerly held Jay’s studio, and will become my craft room is in flux.  Right now, it is basically a glorified through space, with random assortments and piles of things stacked here and there, and one of the things we’d needed to uncover and go through was the large wood banquet that his grandparents left his mother.

It is the width of a king size bed.

We found paper work and mail dating back to the mid 90’s inside, and a treasure of dust bunnies in the drawers.  But, a good dusting and some rubbing love with Rustic Touch from Melaleuca gave this old piece new life.  It’s one of the only furniture pieces in the house that has stood the test of time, held together with dove joints and well made of high quality wood.  It works very well in its new home, along the foot of the master bedroom’s bed!

A perfect fit!

The many drawers and shelves inside provide excellent shoe storage, and knocking out one of the shelves left lots of room for tall boots.

OMG!  Shoes!

The cats were already inspecting everything before I finished putting shoes in, and it does seem to be fairly cat proof.  At least for now.

Porthos supervises the work.

One of the drawers was designed for holding silverware, and we removed the wooden separators  save one, leaving space for polish, cloths and spare laces while opening up the rest of the drawer for more shoes…

Ooh!  Shiny stuff!

Not all of our shoes are unpacked yet, and I have many many more pairs that need to be shipped from my home in Virginia, but for now?  This is an excellent start.  I don’t think all of my shoes will fit in here, but with the newly done shelving above the bedroom closet, extra shoes should be able to find a home fairly easily.  We had considered moving this out to the garage for a coat of paint, but after the piece was cleaned up, we decided it was perfect as is.  Sometimes you just can’t beat the beauty of the wood.


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